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ARCZero Farm Walk at Patrick Casement's Farm - 24th May 2023

Patrick Casement Walk Thumbnail.png

ARCZero Farm Walk at Ian McClelland's Farm - 26th April 2023

Front Cover Ian McClelland.png

Presentation to European Dairy Association - 8th March 2023

Presentation to United Nations Economic Commission for Europe - 29th September 2022

ARCZero Farm Walk at Hugh Harbison's Farm - 1st September 2022

Harbison front cover.jpg
Thompson & Hugh Harbison.jpg

ARCZero Farm Walk at John Egerton's Farm - 21st June 2022

Front Cover John Egerton.png
Egerton Farm Walk.jpg

ARCZero Farm Walk at Roger and Hilary Bell's Farm - 31st May 2022

Front Cover Roger and Hilary Bell.png

ARCZero Farm Walk at Simon Best's Farm - 17th May 2022

Best cover phot.jpg
Simon Best.jpg
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